3 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Purchase New Equipment

3 Reasons Why Now Is The Best Time To Purchase New Equipment

06/ 24/ 2022 by Joe

Summer is Officially Here

Summer is officially here and that means it's busy season for many of our customers. Pressure washing is in full swing with homeowners hiring professionals to do annual deck, driveway and exterior home pressure cleanings. The same goes for exterior paint jobs, with residential and business customers looking to spruce up for the warmer seasons.

Set up for success: with warmer weather comes more opportunities for work. It’s a great time to built a client base. Satisfied customers make for the best marketing, so the goal is to invest in good equipment to take on more jobs.

The Top 3 advantages to investing in new equipment

  1. Increased Productivity :Adding new equipment to existing inventory AND replacing old equipment with more efficient models are both effective ways to invest in the future of your business., Having up to date equipment that works, will give your business the best chance of increasing productivity and revenue, while reducling downtime due to malfunctions and breakdowns.
  2. Improved Safety:Workplace safety is at risk when old or outdated equipment is in use.Keeping equipment up to date makes the workplace as safe as possible.
  3. Tax Benefits:While it may seem like buying new equipment is more expensive upfront, tax incentives like write-offs, deductions and grants may be available. Typically, new equipment may be eligible for 100% tax deduction. Check with your accountant because the deduction is not automatic and must be elected.

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