The Top 3 Paint Spray Gun Problems & How To Solve Them

The Top 3 Paint Spray Gun Problems & How To Solve Them

12/ 14/ 2021 by Joe

1. Inconsistent Fluid Stream Out Of Spray Gun

SOLUTION: This common problem is also known as "fluttering". Symptoms of fluttering include a pulsing spray and/or hissing sound. This can happen when a loose nozzle causes air to escape.To tighten the nozzle, simply use a socket or line wrench to turn the nozzle clockwise. This should fix the issue.

2. Uneven Spray Pattern

SOLUTION: If your spray pattern is not straight and/or full, there may be a plug in the air cap, or the air cap is worn out and needs to be replaced. To determine the diagnosis, flip the air cap so that it faces the opposite direction and if the pattern is still uneven, you know the issue is with the air cap. Clean the air cap and clear the air passages. If that doesn't work, replace the air cap with a new one.

3. Spray Pattern Won't Adjust

SOLUTION: If you've already checked the air cap per #2, the air pattern adjustment knob or valve may need to be replaced.Air adjustment knobs are simple to install: simply unscrew the old air adjustment knob, and use a line wrench to replace with a new one.Some gun models will also include a spring, so make sure to be aware of that while removing the original air adjustment knob so you don't misplace it.We also offer many repair kits for our most popular spray guns. Click HERE to view our repair kits.

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