Whisper Wash WGF2400 Professional 24-Inch Ground Force Surface Cleaner w/ Aluminum Housing (5000 PSI 212°F)

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Whisper Wash Ground Force 24 inch Whisper Wash Surface Cleaner is a heavy duty machine with it’s stainless steel and aluminum frame & cover.
The Ground Force features a flip-n-fold handle to transport and store the surface cleaner easily.
Wheels allow easy maneuverability, while the cover & brush keep the spraying power concentrated on the cleaning surface, away from the operator.
Overspray is basicially eliminated through the brush and cover, though it is the rotating, balanced spray bar underneath which provides the force you need.


  • Cleans 24 inches at once
  • Flip-N-Fold Handle
  • Easy Transport & Storage
  • Quick Connection
  • Trigger Gun controlled
  • Balanced & Machined Spray Bar
  • Purchase a 4 Nozzle Spray Bar separately
  • Powder Coated for Durability
  • Hot & Cold Water Applications
  • Comes standard with 2 x 25025 Nozzles for 5 GPM Setup.
  • Weighs 27 LBS