7 Reasons to switch from Binks to C.A. for your Air-Spray Guns

7 Reasons to switch from Binks to C.A. for your Air-Spray Guns

10/ 26/ 2020

#1 – You Paint or Stain Wood

C.A. Technologies (Coating Atomization Technologies) has the best Paint Spray Guns in terms of finishing quality for wood surface applications. Their price is great too, typically being 30-50% cheaper than competing models to Binks, which makes switching to C.A. for your air-spray guns even more attractive. For example, if you look at the top-of-the line CAT-X Spray Gun for Wood Working which retails at $479.95 in a Gravity Feed setup has no match in the Binks line. On top of that the CAT-X gun can be changed between conventional and HVLP. The closest gun from Binks is a MACH1 HVLP retailing around $825.95 which compares to a Lynx L100H retailing at about $374.95. That is a whole $451 difference. You could get 2 x L100H guns from C.A. Technologies and still save money compared to one MACH1 gun from Binks.

#2 – Your Binks guns keep breaking or wearing out pre-maturely

When choosing a gun, disregarding maintenance is unavoidable. Accidents by the spray gun operator are bound to happen earlier or later, too. Parts will be bought earlier or later, or even the entire gun might need to be replaced if something as simple as cleaning the gun out after spraying Epoxy, Lacquer or your choice of material is forgotten. C.A. Technologies gun repair parts are on average 20-30% cheaper and more commonly stocked. When you really need replacement parts or an entire gun, it takes typically only 1 day to ship it out. This is a logistical reason to switch from Binks to C.A. for your next Air-Spray gun.

#3 – You need specialty guns for special applications

C.A. Technologies offers versatile guns that can do every job like a CAT-X gun that can spray as a Conventional or a HVLP gun based on the Air cap. But if you look for an HVLP only gun, the Lynx L100H is unbeatable. If you need a good starter or apprentice gun for a new painter in the shop, the Tomcat is the go-to general purpose gun. Like all C.A. Guns it is very affordable, of high quality and very durable. If you have glue applications, no Binks gun will spray anywhere close to the Panther 200G which has a heavy-duty tension spring to prevent seizing up. On top of that all Panther guns are teflon coated on the outside which makes cleaning easier tenfold. And if you spray Zinc coatings, you can get a Panther 200Z which has a Delrin tip to prevent zinc bonding with the needle and allow even flow of your material. Similarly the TJR Mini Touch-Up or TJR-Glaze guns are great for touch ups or glaze applications – again, Binks has no comparable gun to the latter. These type of special application guns are another good reason to switch from Binks to C.A. Technologies.

#4 – You need a Pressure Cup or Pot

C.A. Technologies has not only the most affordable clamp-down Pressure Cups & Pots, but also the most favored. A Binks 2.8 Gallon HVLP Outfit with Gun & Hoses runs at about $1000 while you can get a C.A. Technologies 2.5 Gallon HVLP Outfit with Gun & Hoses under $800. That is more than $200 in savings for not only a comparable, but better gun & pressure pot. On top of that, C.A. Technologies Cups & Pressure Pots are completely rebuildable from the Lid to the gaskets. The price advantage plus the available repair parts are a fourth good reason to switch from Binks to C.A. for your Air-Spray guns.

#5 – Excellent Tech Support

Our tech support is highly trained in HVLP, Conventional & Compliant Air-Spray applications. But what excels us even further is the fact that C.A. Technologies takes the time to fly in trainers for 2-4 days of in-person training of our entire staff. And on top of that, the Tech support in-house at C.A. Technologies is readily available, too. Both of our teams are working closely together to ensure that you get the best finish out of your gun, material and surface. There are many different factors to consider, and we will help you navigate to the best solution – not the most expensive one.

#6 – Made in America & Availability of Parts

C.A. Technologies is not only an American company, but most of their products are manufactured domestically in Louisville, Colorado. On top of that, we at J.N. Equipment have one of the largest stock ready to ship of C.A. Technologies not only in the US, but across the globe. We proudly supply domestic and internationally these American-made products which beat more expensive imports not only in price, but also quality. Most items typically ship the next business day. Binks has more global components which makes C.A. more compelling to switch to in order to support the American economy.

#7 – Premium Packaging & Shipping

After serving contractors for decades, both J.N. Equipment and C.A. Technologies learned the various ins and outs of logistical problems and expected quality. That is why a lot of spray guns come in foam-filled shockproof cases versus cardboard boxes and the Air-Assisted-Airless Pumps on pallets. We are here to solve your problem which is not having the right spray equipment ready at hand. Receiving damaged goods is not aiding your solution, so we make sure you get what you need in the expected made in America quality the first time around.

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