Know Your Spray Tips:  All About Spray Tips, Tip Guards & How It All Comes Together

Know Your Spray Tips: All About Spray Tips, Tip Guards & How It All Comes Together

03/ 17/ 2022 by Joe

Let's start with Spray Tip Guards. Spray Tip Guards help to eliminate paint build-up, dripping and spitting. Both Graco and Titan Spray Tip Guards have a "universal G thread". This means they are interchangeable on Graco and Titan Spray Guns as well as most major brands that also have a "universal G thread". However, not all Spray Tips fit on all Spray Tip Guards.


Titan offers only one Spray Tip Guard. All Titan Spray Tips will fit the one (black) Spray Tip Guard. 


  • RAC 5 (orange): Considered the "old standard", you probably won't see this Spray Tip Guard on a new unit unless it's a Line Striper. It fits with the Graco RAC 5 Spray Tip (black). An easy way to remember this combination is to think of Halloween: orange and black go together! It also pairs with the LineLazer RAC 5 Switch Tips.
  • RAC X (blue): This Spray Tip Guard is compatible with Graco blue, brown and green Spray Tips.
  • XHD EAC (grey): This heavy-duty Spray Tip Guard is used for industrial paints and heavier materials. 

Understanding Spray Tip Numbers

Now let's move on to reading the Spray Tip numbers. There are three numbers printed on Airless Spray Tips. These numbers refer to the width of the spray fan and the orifice size.

The first number is used to determine the width of the spray fan. Simply multiply this number by 2 to get the spray width. For example, if you're looking at a 517 you know the spray width is 10 inches.

The second and third numbers, measured in thousandths of an inch tell you the size of the orifice on the Spray Tip. For example, if you're looking at a 517, you know the orifice size is 17 thousandths of an inch. This is important because thicker material requires a larger orifice to pass through to avoid clogging.

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