CA Technologies U550.ATSS7 ZIP 52 Double Diaphragm Pump, 1:1 Bare Aluminum

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All Orders Placed Before 4pm (ET) Ship the Same Day
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Wagner U550.ATSS7 Zip 52 Double Diaphragm Pump 1:1 Bare Aluminum pump.  This unit can be used as a transfer pump or a supply pump for supplying wood finishing and industrial spray guns.  For pumping thin to medium viscosity solvent-based coatings including lacquers and contact cement.  Supersedes 70-254

The ZIP 52 pneumatic double diaphragm pumps are designed with a reduction in air consumption coupled with better performance and maximum reliability. The exclusive design enables its use for corrosive, abrasive, and highly viscous liquid media. ZIP pumps cover a broad application spectrum, including the feeding of paint supply systems; the feeding and circulation of printing ink, solvents, paints, chemicals, and oils; the disposal of liquid waste; the supply o flow viscosity adhesives; and filling/emptying of tanks, drums, and containers. These pumps are offered in aluminum and stainless steel with a volumetric flow of 13.7 gals/min and 1/2” material inlet/outlet size for an extended range of materials.

High efficiency and performance:

  • The optimized design with less dead space enables rapid color change and cleaning, and a reduction in the amount of solvent required.
  • The air motor ensures the highest performance with reduced air consumption; requires no additional lubrication and suffers from no freezing problems.
  • Different pump configurations and a comprehensive product palette guarantee a wide range of possible applications.

Designed for versatility in the application:

The ZIP 52 double diaphragm pumps are available in stainless steel and aluminum models to fit any type of application needs for material supply. Two coupled diaphragms are moving from the left to the right and back by the help of pressurized air. The steering valve guides the air to the side where the diaphragm is moved to contract the fluid chamber. Material is transported by contraction and expansion of the fluid chamber volume through the inlet and outlet valves.


Technical Specifications  
Manufacturer Wagner Liquid
Brand Colora Zip Double Diaphragm Pump
Type of Application Diaphragm Pump
Material Characteristics Low to High Viscosity, Unfilled, Filled, Abrasive, Moisture Sensitive
Mounting Bare Pump
Model Series U550
Body Material Aluminum
Diaphragm Material PTFE
Valve Seat Stainless Steel
Valve Ball Stainless Steel
Pressure ratio 1:1
Material pressure 116 PSI
Material inlet/outlet 1/2 in. BSP
Volumetric flow with free drainage 13.7 gal/min 1.8 cfm
Sound level at max. flow rate and a feed pressure of 116 PSI 85 dB (A)
Material Types Water- and solvent-based primers, top coats, fillers, epoxy and polyurethane lacquers, oils, wood impregnation agents, emulsions, release agents , Adhesives , Cold Glue
Max Delivery Rate Liter 108 cm3
Max Delivery Rate Gallon 52.0 L
Air Pressure Max Bar 13.76 Gal.
Material Outlet External Thread G 1/2"
Packing Material A Standard G 1/2"